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How do you tie the tag rope


the most important use tag * hang in.
1 It can be pasted by printing self-adhesive, or it can be made by directly designing the style number on the tag.
2. Clothing tags are usually hung on clothes, without clothes, with ribbons, washing ropes or hanging particles and so on.

Tags * are mainly used to hang tags on clothing, socks, towels, floor MATS, dishcloths and other commonly used daily necessities. The tags are generally hung on the trademarks of products by taking them into plastic needles in a certain way. Also used in shoes, hats, plush toys and other needle textile products and other uses.
Additional information:

Tag * has two kinds of thickness, must pay attention to distinguish. Thick tags * suitable for thick clothes, thin tags * thin clothes or some high-grade clothes. The first needle of the thick tag is thick, and the needle hole is big, so it should be used together with the rubber needle of the rough shape. The needle of the tag is thin and the needle eye is small, so it should be used together with the plastic needle of fine shape.

In addition, in foreign trade, tag * and I the size of the statement, generally only standard * and fine *, standard * is our domestic coarse *.