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How to customize handbag


When ordering paper handbags, the choice of paper is very important. Every paper material makes different paper bags. General clothing paper bags are mainly white card paper, food paper bags are mainly kraft paper, cosmetics paper bags are mainly coated paper. Why did you choose that? Changgrun packaging will explain to you today.

Clothing paper bag - white paper bag clothing paper custom most of the choice of paper is white paper, because the stiffness of white paper, so that the paper bag looks very stylish.

Food paper bag - kraft paper bag food paper bag custom most of the choice of paper is kraft paper, because kraft paper is environmentally friendly paper, environmentally friendly paper is suitable for food.

Cosmetic paper bag - paper bag cosmetic paper customized most of the choice of paper is coated paper, coated paper printing color is the most bright, suitable for cosmetics such requirements gorgeous color quality high-grade requirements.