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About Us

Our History

With more than 20 years of experience in China's printing industry, the company has experienced industry elites who can ensure not only efficiency, but also quality and meet all the needs of customers.

Our Factory

Located in Qingdao, an emerging first tier city in China, it is a global supplier of paper and plastic products. Its main products include printed clothing labels, toy labels, gift boxes, clothing tagcartons, self-adhesive stickers, advertising brochures, packaging boxes, soft food packaging bags, food cartons, cosmetic boxes, advertising fans, soft packaging bags, handbags, external packaging agents, non-woven bags, desk calendars, wall calendars, tags, weekly calendars, tear calendars, double calendars, and non-woven hanging shafts.

Product Application

Color printing Self adhesive printing Black and white printing color trademarks color pages, picture books, publicity samples, small color boxes, self-adhesive color labels, hanging flags, hanging calendars, desk calendars, handbags, etc.

Production Equipment

First class production equipment for paper and plastic products, Heidelberg printing press imported from Germany, complete production line and mature manufacturing industry.

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